Back at it again

So here we are again, sharing our contributions to the weekly blogs in Mia’s class. About a month ago I wouldn’t have thought that I would be back to doing weekly blogs as I sort of figured Mia was lecturing an entirely different subject which turned out to just be a silly mistake on my part and so lo and behold, here I am, back at it again!

Now that I’m sitting down and writing this, I’m left with a duality of impressions going into this subject. On one hand I’m absolutely thrilled about the idea of being back in Mia’s class since we had such a fun and rewarding time in class the last time around. Spending our time in class discussing various forms of electronic literature and listening to each other’s presentations on selected pieces of work. On the other hand, another (small and weary) part of me wasn’t expecting that I would be going back to writing blogs at all, so while I am excited, I also sort of feel like I have done my time and I’m like:


So far (to no one’s surprise) it seems like this subject will be just as fun and intriguing as the last time around. The subject is both quite similar to Dikult203—which was all about the various forms of electronic literature—while it also has it’s own distinct feel to it. Compared to Dikult203, we’re doing three different categories; digital art, video games, and electronic literature. While we didn’t explicitly discuss video games itself in Dikult203, we were encouraged to think of ways in which different pieces of electronic literature could potentially be considered video games, and electronic literature at the same time, due to their inherent nature and the way the spectator could approach it.

Digital art and video games are both intriguing subject to tackle in an academic setting—as they are often thought of as very niche subjects in the public sphere—and I am excited to see where these subjects may take us going forward.